Hey guys…so then a lot of you felt that you wished you were there. Heres’s a small effort from my end to fulfill a fraction of that wish of yours. So, I got more than an hour long ‘super-shaky’ highlights of the show on my SE w810i. I have put up some of that, for all of you to view here. Pardon, my inability to hold my hands steady for long! But, then you can’t stand still, can ya, if every cell on your body is ODed on 100 % pure Psychedelica.

Set I

In The Flesh: (1:38s) The man…marching hammers and fireworks!

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Shine On: (8:30s) Famous Four Chords…Snowy, Dave and Ian…and …Syd Syd Syd!!!

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Wish You Were Here: (4:54s)…Missed you Gilmour!!!

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Set II
(The near complete DSOTM on shaky-video 😀 !!!)

Speak To Me – Breathe Reprise: (15:37s)Sweeeeeeeeet Mothhherrrrrrrr Offfff Godddd!!!

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Great Gig In The Sky – Money: (10:04s) And so she sang…and Money rained!!

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Us And Them – Any Color You Like: (10:03s) And afterall, we are only…Ecstacy maxxed!!!

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Brain Damage – Eclipse: (5:50s) The lunatics are in the ground… :D!!!

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Happiest Days Of Our Lives – Another Brick In The Wall (Part II): (5:35s) Happiest Days indeed!!!

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Comfortably Numb: (7:56s) As always…No words to this!!!

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The avi files of Set I, Set II and Encore…to be made available on this site soon (3-4 days max!!!) They have more unseen video snippets (slightly better quality)of Leaving Beirut, Southampton Dock, Fletcher Memorial, Vera and Bring The Boys Back Home. Download and Relive!!!

Vote Of Thanx:

Would like to thank…My Cell Phone…My Right Hand…and my friends Kalam, Amar and mos def Thakkar-san, for helping me make this unbelievable moment in time, being made available to fellow Floydians all over the world! Rock On!!!

I spent an unusually quiet day today and it took me the entire day for everything I saw to sink in…People think I might have delayed writing this post…trust me I still have no words to write what I witnessed. Any number of adjectives or exclamation marks will fail to mark the pure magic, I managed to witness. All I can say is that even after 40 odd hours since the concert… there is someone in my head….AND IT’S NOT ME!

I entered the area outside the grounds as early as 4:30 and was in time to hear what I presume to be one of the best sound-checks ever. Hush now baby babe…screamed the quadraphonix …and I was like…tell that to my heart! I walk in to the ground, a little past 5:30 and I took in one of the first zillion gasps, I took that day! I knew at that moment that I had taken one of the finest decisions in my life …to go for the 3K ticket. Up close and personal…Mr. Waters. Enroute to the grounds I could have sworn that it was a dressed in black Waters, sitting in a black car…in front of my rickshaw…I’d say a 99.99 % on that…anyway I can’t prove it and I don’t have to…so I’ll just feel happy over it 

Ok the concert begins and we see ourselves about 15 odd rows away from the stage…not a bad start I guess…plus there wasn’t an inch to move…but we tried, and so did the others. I remember this middle aged guy saying, “Please let me go ahead…my wife is out there!” It was so exasperating, that the ‘devil-in-me’ replied, “Sir….even my wife is somewhere out there…it’s just that I ain’t married yet!!!” The truth was nobody could have helped him…not even Waters  The screen came alive with a man smoking an unending cigarette and taking sips of alcohol and tuning a radio…and then he tuned it to the perfect station……….In The Flesh……….finally in the flesh!

The Stage

Set I:

In The Flesh:
So ya…Thought ya…might like to go to the show………Bloody Hell yeah!!! Since the very first day we heard of the tour!!! LIGHTS! ROLL THE SOUND EFFECTS! ACTION!!!

The Dream…The dream begins The Man…In action

Mother: One song that always nudges its way into my head and makes me sing it all the time…it was Mother that I was singing even hours after the concert got over!!! Still dunno why!!! Ooooooooh babe…ooooooooh babe….oooh babe….you will always be baby to me. Katie Kissoon …Sweeeeet Mother of God!!!

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun:
I dunno about the sun…but this amazingly mellow number did set it on collision course with a thousand hearts all across MMRDA. Amazing visuals adorned the screen behind.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (II-V): Syd was there…….Syd was!!!
Dave Kilminister registered the four famous chords….deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside us for a looooong time to remember, then Ian Ritchie gave a super saaaxxxxy performance.

...And Thus He Sang…And thus he sang....And more came along…And he played!

Have A Cigar:
It left many in a cloud of smoke…a smoke of smuggled cigarettes.

Wish You Were Here: Gilmour …you were missed…and many many wished you were here! Some wished their girl friends were…some their wives…I wished that one guy…who so amazingly managed to ruin it for some of us present there, by trying to push on ahead, wasn’t there at all!!!

On n On More of it

Southampton Dock / Fletcher Memorial:
This point on …Waters has lined up his lyrical best!!! The angst …pain…point of views all came to the fore…a beautiful prelude to Pig!!! Super visuals again!!! And Roger expressed all those in that whispering voice of his…before making apt introductions …
“ladies and gentlemen, please welcome reagan and haig
mr. begin and friend mrs. thatcher and paisley
mr. brezhnev and party
the ghost of mccarthy
the memories of nixon
and now adding colour a group of anonymous latin
american meat packing glitterati”

Perfect Sense: I had heard this song before and I knew that this had one of the best lyrics to come. The monkey got confused…but imparted sensibility to the thousands about… Then there was PP Arnold. She went….hold on …hold on…soldier…yeah right…like we could!!! And suddenly it all made perfect sense…3000 bux expressed as 10 rows behind the fence! (Yes we had wiggled and squiggled 5 rows ahead !) The song left with us very profound lyrics that kept racing around the head.

Peace…Peace & more Earth n I…One Earth, One God…Perfect Sense!

Then Waters spoke….about all that was Leaving Beirut….

Leaving Beirut: this was the best part of the entire show!!! Totally unexpected…totally rad! Some of the best anti-establishment lyrics ever written!!!

Beirut begins!…Beirut begins.

“Oh George! Oh George!
That Texas education must have fucked you up when you were very small”

“Not in my name, Tony, you great war leader you
Terror is still terror, whosoever gets to frame the rules
History’s not written by the vanquished or the damned
Now we are Genghis Khan, Lucretia Borghia, Son of Sam”

And That…He said that
“America, America, please hear us when we call
You got hip-hop, be-bop, hustle and bustle
You got Atticus Finch
You got Jane Russell
You got freedom of speech
You got great beaches, wildernesses and malls
Don’t let the might, the Christian right, fuck it all up
For you and the rest of the world”

He said that…And he said that!

And ….it all made Perfect Sense too….

Sheep: The Sheep got eclipsed by the pig! 😀

The Pig: The 30 footer floated up like the emotions that Mr. Waters was managing to well up, towards the lag end of the first half. We were unsure who the more vociferous one was! The pig said… Impeach Bush…Kafka Rules…Habeus Corpus matters a lot…Save Our Bacon…Cut Along Dotted Lines (that lined up its neck)…Fear Build Walls…then it tried Hindi with Sarva Jaati Ek!

Entry…The Pig! Free??…It flew!

It got Free At Last…and flew away into the inky Mumbai sky…

It Flew

We got also moved ahead to the first 5 rows…as the Gods decided to take a break for 15 minutes…and then what looked like a dot or a lighting malfunction appeared on the screen….then it grew bigger by the minute! We were being taken….to The Dark Side Of The Moon!!!

Set One ends

Set II

It started with heartbeats…it ended with it. In between them, we experienced…Infinty! I had a deep sense of time loss…and I saw …what I had always wanted to see…

The moon…The promise gets closer!

We took in the experience in gulps…! But…we did not breathe….at all!!!

On The Run: This took us into a maze of colors and sound! We expected nothing less from thw Masters of Psychedilca

Time & Breathe Reprise: The clock ticked…the alarms rang…and Graham Broad lost control over himself and uleashed venom on the drums! Kilminister…sang, Snowy and Andy joined in….Waters performed! And …it brought the faithful to their knees…with their quadraphonic 360 degree spells!!

The Bright Side…Heaven???

The Great Gig In The Sky:
I had always wanted to know how they made that sound and Katie (I think it was her) showed it just how……….pain…anger…pleasure…sensuality…joy …sorrow all rolled at once…only gods can make such a exhilarating composition. All I can say that it was a very special moment in time! Thanx lady!

Money: It was worth it…….totally! I got paid in full!

Us And Them / Any Colour You like: This reflected all th at was the moment…There were Us in the crowd and them on the stage…and everything got held up in a very somber atmosphere…as we visualized…the feel that the song portrayed and a riotous colors spangled all about us…as we waited patiently for the lunatic to turn up.

The Dark Side …The dark side!!! welcome…Welcome

Brain Damage / Eclipse:
Boy…did he turn up or what! The lunatic in me…was at his vocal best…when the promise of the Dark side was made to him!! All that he touched and all that he was pure magic and it probably could eclipse even the greatest of sorrows in this world. The lunatic lost control…the lunatic had made it to the third row 

Then Waters ‘staged’ an end to the show…kinda lame given that the entire setlist was up on the Wikipedia :P!!! But I guess…it comes very naturally to rockers…they love the sound of encores!

The fake goodbye…Don’t worry…This is an act!


The Happiest Days Of Our Lives: No explanations needed…goes without saying: D!!!

The reason…The reason behind our happiest day!

Another Brick In The Wall-Part II:
Eeeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! The Anthem went Live!!!

Vera Lynn / Bring The Boys Back Home: Her beautiful face lit up the backdrop as Roger went all out for this one! This was more like a precursor to what would be the highest point of the concert, but sadly …many of the boys/girls wouldn’t come back home…as they preferred to stay on at the moon! There had to be a greater call…reality was far from us…And then he took us even farther…

Comfortably Numb: …

Numbed…Numb & Number… by the minute!

The last thing I remember is that I had reached the first row…and heard the song being played…Roger, Dave, Snowy, Andy, Ian, Jon, Graham, Harry, Katie, PP and Carol had waved…and left amidst smoke.

M fakin it …Thank You Adieu…Adieu

I lay on the ground, happy and sad, thirsty…hungry…very much hungry for more…delirious…still hearing sounds, staring at the suddenly-dark-&-lonely Mumbai sky…

And I silently wished…that I could see a few more stars…

The Dark Side Of The Moon

I am just a few hours from the Roger Waters Concert.

I have just finished hearing the Dark Side Of the Moon …thrice…back to back!

As I write this…the speakers go…the lunatic is in my head….and I guess as much

My mom is asking me to be extra nice to her today…as she is the one safeguarding my tickets!

I saw the Pink Floyd interview about the making of DSOTM yesterday…they looked so nice together. But then I guess… even Gods fight….

But the men and women in action today will be the following:

•    Roger Waters – Vocals, bass guitar and acoustic guitar
•    Andy Fairweather-Low – Guitar, bass and backing vocals
•    Snowy White – Guitar
•    Dave Kilminster – Guitar, vocals and additional bass
•    Jon Carin – Synthesizer, guitar, lap steel guitar and vocals
•    Harry Waters – Hammond organ and synthesizer
•    Ian Ritchie – Saxophone, EWI and additional bass
•    Graham Broad – Drums and percussion
•    Katie Kissoon, P. P. Arnold, Carol Kenyon – Backing vocals

I will catch up with all you soon…….after my trip to the Dark Side Of The Moon!

Is the rickshaw meter running too fast?…Was that bargain too easy?…Why does he want my mail id and number?…Does he really love me?… Why is that guy helping me?…What’s in it for him?…Is the beggar really poor?…How can they give it for free?…Why is he smiling at me?…Why is she being so nice?… Why is he asking so many questions? …Can I do this?…

It’s been strange…and I have been feeling this great sense of loss since the past few years. People have lost the ability to trust anyone. Trust … as a word…has lost its meaning in its entirety. Every time someone says “trust me”, I don’t think even the speaker means it…let alone the listener.

I say this…’cause I have experienced this. Help…as of this age is uncalled for and…unexpected. Help….is often seen as a favor-in-waiting. And no one seeks help anymore…without questioning the intent of helping. It’s a general feel that Samaritans belong to museums. Many a times people don’t mean ‘Thanks’ …when they say it…and neither do they when they say ‘You are Welcome’…their minds translate them as ‘I hope I wouldn’t have to repay for that’ and ‘Ahaa gotcha!!!’ Many will refute this claim of mine. Many will tell me that I am thinking too much into it…others will just tell that I am writing this for the heck of a good read. Tell me…the last time you asked for the help of a stranger and someone helped you …even as he was doing so, did you trust him implicitly? When was the last time you offered to help a stranger…did he trust you? You would tend to put your faith in a well dressed person than an ordinary guy with a stained shirt. You would weigh your need for the help to the minutest details…You think too deep…You do!

The other day I heard about a lady who bled to death in Mumbai…because she was run over by a car…she lay there in pain on the road, surrounded by a crowd, crying for help for over 45 minutes. Not one guy came to help. They were afraid…I am not sure what I would have done…it was a momentary thing I guess…and I don’t know…if I would have been brave to do what should ideally be done. I am being honest here. But I do see myself doing something…at least giving the lady water…or making few calls…or like many…not stopping to see what the crowd is all about, in the first place. But I don’t see myself standing still and looking on at a dying woman for 45 minutes. I guess as she died…the inaction of the city she lived in…pained her more than her fatal injuries. People have forgotten to trust themselves…from the onlookers …to the police…to the doctors! People have forgotten that help can be selfless and without strings attached. I am sorry …but sometimes I forget it too. I am one of you after all. The mistrust is so in your face all the time…and it changes you without you knowing it. I have friends who are afraid to even post their resumes online…friends who think a million times before blogging, as someone could use it to drive ya nuts…friends who put up display pictures of flowers and cartoons as someone would misuse them. I don’t blame them…but if you see…it’s us that we are to blame. Mistrusts breeds mistrust…as does anything on earth.

Generalization is more dangerous that you think…it might start of with something as simple as ‘Blondes are dumb’ to ‘All men are bastards’… That guy cheated me…in all its probability …every single guy I meet will. All I can say …that’s bad Math! Trust yourself…if not anyone else, trust your instincts…even they may err…but never generalize…Math’s always tough…and most calculations are based on assumptions!!!

I don’t expect any of you to trust any of the words I have written…I know you won’t………………………………………………………because you can’t!!!

P.S. : No pictures … I would rather that your mind show you the picture you truly need to see here!

“Lost For Words”
Lost For Words

Discover Pink Floyd!

I was spending my time in the doldrums
I was caught in the cauldron of hate
I felt persecuted and paralyzed
I thought that everything else would just wait
While you are wasting your time on your enemies
Engulfed in a fever of spite
Beyond your tunnel vision reality fades
Like shadows into the night

To martyr yourself to caution
Is not going to help at all
Because there’ll be no safety in numbers
When the Right One walks out of the door

Can you see your days blighted by darkness?
Is it true you beat your fists on the floor?
Stuck in a world of isolation
While ivy grows over the door

So I open my door to my enemies
And I ask could we wipe the slate clean
But they tell me to please go fuck myself
You know you just can’t win.

Pink Floyd in The Division Bell

Floyd goes a long way for me…but the above words go the deepest. Why…may be beacuse the title is totally antagonistic to what I am …never at a loss for words that is. And I connected … like chewing gum in hair!

Floydian lyrics were always something special…why…cause everyone knows what they are talking about and yet no one else thought about it! Waters and Gilmour…were two people…who could have taken up writing as an alternative profession and gone on to win Bookers! But they were guitarists…and they preferred strings to ink, and ears to paper. Sometimes the lyrics are complex…interpretations difficult… like a David Lynch directorial. You end up scratching your head…and you think you know it…but you don’t…and yet you understand it. It is confusing…simplistically speaking. But beyond the word play lies two exquisitely led dramatic live and personas that could be cast in platinum, simply for their…being there. What Gilmour meant by the above lyrics…I still dunno for a one hundred percent….I do have an interpretation of my own though. I know that this is my Favorite Floyd number…but I am still unsure why :)! It is a beautiful perplexity…that I have!

At the end of the day, I guess a poet is the only one who can know the absolute meaning/s of something he wrote…and at times…even he is Lost For Words!

The Prestige

Movie Name: The Prestige (2006)

Language: English

Director: Christopher Nolan

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Rating: 8/10

Bale And JackmanThe drama starts much more before the movie does! Take Chris Nolan (Memento, Batman Begins …anyone???), then add to it Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine and spice it up with Scarlett Johansson…and we have all the settings for a must-sell extravaganza. One can blindly trust Chris to come up with a screenplay that will blow your head off, and one is not left unsatisfied here too. The story is about magic…and what better than magicians to direct and act in the movie 

You see two men who give it all in the game of one-upmanship and end up losing more than what they bargained for. There is no hero…there are no villains…it’s a story that depicts the extent of man’s selfishness and its beauty. Complex … yes…atleast the psyche that it portrays. But then what’s a script, if it didn’t have twists n turns and characters like no other. Jackman and Bale constructs two people very much same and very different at the same time…and all this set against sleights of hand, and twists of the mind. If one reads it deep enough … one can say that the movie is not restricted to magic…but a take on humanity per se. Every thing shown is as bad as it gets in the real world, and tricks people play…to live…to survive.

The movie doesn’t leave any loose ends…even when it comes to the way the tricks are created and ends up as something that ‘The Illusionist’ should have been. Must watch…especially for some great performances, a screenplay that is sur’realistic’, a plot to kill for and …of course Scarlett Johansson…christtt…she is just 22 !!!

The Rose

Valentine who???
One legend portrays him as a priest who refused the Roman Emperor Claudius II’s law, ordering that young men remained single. It is argued that Claudius II did this to grow his army, believing that married men did not make for good soldiers. The priest Valentine, however, secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young Catholic men. When Claudius found out about this, he had Fr. Valentine arrested and thrown in jail. Claudius had meetings with Fr. Valentine and grew fond of him and even attempted to get Fr. Valentine to convert to the Roman paganism which he practiced. Instead, Fr. Valentine refused and attempted to convert Claudius to the Catholic faith. This enraged Claudius, and he sentenced Valentine to death. While imprisoned, one of the jailors had a blind daughter, whom he brought to the jail often, and she spoke at length to Fr. Valentine. Just before he was put to death, he sent her a small card and signed it, “From your Valentine.”

Who would have guessed that an act like that would ensure the following symptoms amongst certain mortals on the 13th of Feb every year:

Sleepless night                        Cold Feet
Aggravated Nail Biting              Nervousness
Cash Crunch                           Restlessness
Asphyxia                                Illusions
Anxiety                                  Stress
Paranoia                                 Mild Heart Attacks

The jilted/single kind experience:

Low self esteem
Jealousy with a capital J
‘I’m a Loser’ ness
Some other feelings which goes like…What the #$@$ does she see in him anyway???

On the D-day,
Some woke up with a new found hope in their hearts…

Some woke up with hearts of stone…and grew romantic as the day progressed.

Some woke up romantic…and went to sleep with hearts of stone.

Some were indifferent…some reacted…some over reacted!

Some laughed…some smiled…some cried…some lied!

Others…they heard Floyd!!! And said…I dare you to find me a greater Love!
Love Killed Far above the earthen terrains…the Cupid laughed…then he cried…and then he asked, “Where’s Love???”

Camelus Dromedarius CDromedarius

Camelus Dromedarius… that sounds truly royal. But camels…uh uh…surely ain’t one of His more beautiful creations. I guess He created them with ‘purposeful’ living in the mind, sans the ‘look’! Their beauty, is their brain I guess. They happen to be very smart creatures mind you and can be trained to do a whole lotta things, including dancing and shopping!!! NO…I ain’t kidding. I had the same look that you now have, when I first heard it from Babloo. Ok,I guess you dunno him. Let me rewind just a bit!

The Stretch On n On
It started with me and a frend-o-mine Sheece, deciding to see the deserts of Rajasthan. Thus came into picture – the camels, and with the camels came their owners – Raju, Babloo and Dharma. The trip started off at about 10 in the morning, and was to last a few hours. A few minutes on, I knew my butts were to undergo major dimensional changes towards the end of the whole affair! Slowly, steadily, sometimes we walked, sometimes we trotted. We made our way into what looked like … uhmm deserts! Sand, thorny bushes, mountains, rocks, an occasional house, barren land was all we could see for miles. My camel driver Babloo was one of those philosophical kinds. He was younger than me, but the deserts seemed to have made him a lot wiser over the times. He gets to meet new people everyday, but the path traveled remains the same. He says, “Bass … yehi hamari life hain Sir…after all Life is like gypsy!” If the English didn’t make me lose the grip on my camel, the profundity of the statement certainly initiated a few wobbles. I was to get to know more about life in that 3 hours than I have in the past few years of my life.

Look Me  n  I
We rode on till we reached a spot that left behind scenes of campfires, and we were told that it was here that the Night Safari halted. People pitched in tents, dranks a few quarts, sang and danced about. But then these guys took us beyond this to their humble hutment. Tea was served. We drank that boiling liquid, under the afternoon sun. In a desert!

Then he asked if we would like to see something, and lead us to a FARM in the desert :O ! There were sprinklers in action. He showed us the borewell, as if it were a shrine. And then he showed us the workers at the farm. And then he comes along with a load of green peas to eat. Sweet, fresh and very beautiful.

The Home The DudeEye - Pods Peas On Earth

We were enamored by the show of unrestrained, unconditional love and affection to total strangers. Something that had been surgically ripped off the metropolitan lifestyle of ours. We saw the happiness that the click of a camera gave them. We saw the glow in their faces when we enjoyed the peas they gave us. And when we offered them money, they promptly gave it a boy and sent him off to buy ‘prasad’ and distribute among all. This from a family, whose house could have been blown away by an angry gush of wind. That day, we went beyond the dictionary meanings of words like ‘selflessness’, ‘humanity’ and ‘affection’. We left with a great feel of happiness. And sadness too; at the fact that we will soon be far away in a city, where our way of life would turn all this to redundancy. By the way, as predicted, my behind ached after the three hour ordeal, but it wasn’t just my rear that underwent a change, my heart was swollen too!

Green …even the deserts have a greener side to them 🙂

Pushkar…one of the most holy places in the whole of India…a place that boasts about 550 temples in a matchbox sized area, which includes the famous Brahma temple-currently in news for giving Ash …Mr. Abhishek. And…I went there! It was sort of a journey that was undertaken for with a lot of promise and fervor…and, I was to visit the 551st temple!

It began with my Senior Product Manager… ‘TM’- as we call him, planning to get married at Jaipur. I joined the bandwagon of colleagues to be a part of this event. It was then, that I heard from a great friend of mine, Sheece, that a photo taken at Pushkar by his family members, on their previous trip had captured a sign-board that read ‘PINK FLOYD HOTEL’! Pushkar became a much sought after destination…as of that moment!

The Hunt Begins………………. Clues:) ...closerUp Ahead...Destination
3rd Feb 2007…about 5 in the evening I stand below a teeny-weeny, dark and shady looking hotel, after myriad twists and turns through the alleyways of Pushkar! The owner had put up so many signs to lead us to this place of nowhere…very ultra super Floydian, in all the truest senses… making it very much of a treasure hunt all the way! We had walked on and on…and in the end … the first sight said it all….. ‘Wish You Were Here!!!”

Call Of The Floyd……………….In The House Of Floyd

The ground floor greets us to murals from ‘The Wall’ …and posters of ‘WYWH’ and ‘Echoes’ hung large and conspicuous along the brick work. This continued onto the two floors above…creating a beautiful psychedelic aura all around. The rooms at the hotel…were named after the albums by the band, and we saw it all from Dark Side Of The Moon to Meddle To A Momentary Lapse Of Reason!!! Simplistic…yet a great feel.

The best part …the Café…The second floor greets you to a wide sitting area, where cushions and mattresses and low tables are arranged amidst decent speakers and wall hangings. You also get to catch glimpses of classic rockers adorning the walls…including Led Zep, Jimi Hendrix, U2 etc. A few feet vertical, will take you onto the roof top, where chairs and tables await your presences…cozily cuddled bang in the centre of Pushkar! As we made our way back…we caught the glimpse of a beautiful setting sun…which promised us … The Dark Side…if we stayed a bit longer!

…………………A Promise To The Dark Side………………..Infinty!

P.S. Heartfelt thanx to my colleagues who beared my bouts of extreme madness and excited convulsions,  on this trip 🙂 !!!

And…on the 8th day…God said, “Let there be Floyd!!!”

Jan 31st 2007, 3:25 PM….Planet M….I got reservations to the best seats for a heavenly ride! Yes…the Three Grand Ones!!! The closest thing, that India might ever experience to Pink Floyd, was to be here…’in the flesh’, and I wasn’t gonna be the one to miss it!

George Roger Waters, was gracing the Indian soil for the second time, but this time around…in my hometown…Mumbai, and I was given the promise of an entry to the psychedelic realm that they built together. Even though I swear by Gilmour, Waters nevertheless had been one of the great minds that pushed the entire wagon through the times. Like the tickets proclaim…he truly was the ‘Creative Genius Behind Pink Floyd’. Marching Hammers and Flying Pigs…all Waters! And its stated that it’s gonna be all that and much more as the Floydian behemoth trundles in with 32 tons of equipments. What awaits us…is a pleasure, that words might fail to describe…Here’s a supposed setlist of all that he would play…this from his previous tour to Bangalore:

FIRST HALF: Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick, Mother, Shine On, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Set The Controls, The Gunners Dream, Southampton Dock, Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.

SECOND HALF: Dark Side of the Moon.

ENCORE: In the Flesh, Vera Lynn, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.

Imagine…Going back home with Comfortably Numb…ringing deep inside your ears and brain. I wish the 18th would dawn up soon…and that 19th would never come!!!

P.S. A special thanx to my Maa…who taught me the fundamentals of saving money!!! 😀