So then 5 non-Tamilians go to watch Shivaji! Me being the most politically correct of the lot, being a ‘Madrasi’, (for the records …I hail from Kerala, so technically am a Mallu…and in no way a Madrasi!) Onto Shivaji…so to speak…all that I am to say about this movie is but an understatement!

Shivaji-The Boss…The Man

It was a riot! It was all we expected…multiplied in tens and thousands! It was Rajnikanth…from start to finish. As a matter of choice and incapability alike…this post will not talk at all about the extravagance that is the movie…it will just talk about the experience! Readon…

We knew that we were experiencing a phenomenon…then moment a slide appeared on screen that read “SuperStar Rajnikanth”…blinked, glittered and shone in 3-4 languages. I guess the only other people who had a title preceding like that in a public proclamation of these sorts was JC and ABBA! It took a full 10 minutes from the start…for Rajni’s face showed up…the wait was worthwhile! I am yet to know…why the 5 of us whistled and animatedly applauded his presence! In all my years of cinema…I had never before done that, it was a very involuntary thing! I could make out bits and pieces and started to settle down into the flow of the movie. I had gone with the idea of setting my brains aside for this one…but even before I proceeded to take it out… I found my brain venturing out by itself, and sharing my seat. Then the first of the ‘bouncing chewing gums’ made its appearance! Rajni had arrived… 15 more minutes on, we got introducted to a ravishing Nayantara with a super Tam glam sham…and 20 odd painted Rajnis staring at us from huge-ass pot bellies…I know that you are having difficulties understanding this…it’s a visual thing you see! A Punju frend of mine, found himself thoroughly lost…between Nayantara’s ultra-sexy curves and the jiggly-wiggly pot-bellies!


On screen, Rajni, since his return from the US…had acquired a strange habit of saying “Cooool” (phonetically a cross between goooool and kooo-oul…its tough…and in practice. Will upload an audio file maybe, for better understanding…when I get it right!) From bouncing chewing gums…he movies on to flipping coins! That goes…left to right…right to left…up and then down into the pocket! My brain sort of left the theatre…when the astronaut-suit came in! You have to see that to believe it! There were a few songs…and through them the word obscene got a new definition…at the site of the sets involved…From colosseums to glass houses to palatial courtyard to Mardi Gras/Venetian type Carnivals we saw it all! Like my friend suggested…the money on the songs alone, could have funded 10 odd Bheja Fries!!! Shriya who contributed to the feminine touch, was a divine sight for sore eyes…boyyyyyyy…oooooommphmax or what!


Then there are the dialogues, that go to the lines of : “For little kids there’s Pogo…Don’t stand in front of Shivaji..Go Go!” “Chumma Edarrrrathedaa” “After six there is seven…After Shivaji there is yevan” ! You have to have to have to clap…whistle…bow down! The second half sees Rajni in an all new shiny avatar…he goes bald! He has glares on, that swivels to the back of his head, when he does a flick/nod sideways(no…no engineering contraptions there)! And yes…his style statement then, is tapping his fingers, across the bald terrains…that creates a sound to the order of a small pony doing a short burst, across open grounds! Floored…Frenzied…Rajnieeeeed!

Rajni…….eeehaww!! Software Architect At Work.

As the final words, excerpts from a gujju friend of mine….
“ Rajnikaanth transcends language barriers…. who said that one needs to be Tamilian, to understand what he does….In fact, who needs the He-mans, and the Spidermans and the Supermans…when we have…the Boss! Oh yeah…he calls himself The Boss…Bachelor Of Social Service! Beat that!

Must see movie…In true Rajni style…6 stars out of 5!

Angel And Demon

Wonder-eyed he blinked
Another life entering the race…
Around him…faces
He knew in his heart, were special they.

Then through the shadows
Came along the brethren of Seven
…and welcomed him.

A light…
And the angels descended upon him
…called out to him.

“Born to love am I, and not to sin,
Brethren Leave.
Angels…am too young to decide the path!
Let me be me…and then I’ll choose!”

Age roll by
Time teaches him values
And al that as a child was shrouded
…and under a cloud.

“Young man are you now”, said a voice
The brethren apparating again one day.
“We shall show you life…if we must…
But, we shall promise you no heaven!”

Angels called…
“You know don’t you?
The correct and the one’s not?”

“I know and I’ve been told.
But, never did the truth unfold,
As to why is right right…and wrong wrong?
Beg to thee…let me be…have an identity
Perhaps one day, I shall know
The path then one of you may show!”

On his deathbed they meet again,
As a thousand times before…
Chorused the seven,
“You have sinned…but a blackened heart you have not!”
Sung the Angels,
“You have been good…but are with a soul tainted!”

Voiced he,“Listen all you souls of the yonder
All my life…I lived!
Lived with a heart and a soul,
Right was what I felt was right
…and wrong was what I deemed so!”

“I lived not by the rules,
I synced with my perceptions, my views!
Now, you wish to judge…
Go ahead, judge me,
But, not as a sinner, nor as a saint, will I be seen…
Was born a man…and a man had I always been!”

Blogging got a whole new definition the a few weeks ago. I came upon something that made me sit up say… “What in the name of Dear Lord Almighty!!!” I never knew, creativity could reach to this level of magnanimity. I then dropped on my knees, in sync with my dropping jaw…and I realized that Hindi Comix had come a looooooong looooooooooong way.

Raj Comics has been one of the leading Hindi comix guys, in India, boasting of a range of superheroes like Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, Bhokaal, Doga, Inspector Cheetah, Parmanu, Bhoot Uncle (Anthony), Bankelal etc. For the followers…these guys are the coolest, exteremest, ultrafantabulacious guys! For skeptics…they are DC/Marvel clones…with the Indian tadka!

Fighter Toads anyone??? These are 4 toads who fight…hence the name (In Hindi, it becomes Faay-turr Toads!) I know that fighting toads are very much like fighting turtles…but even though the toads live in a sewer, they know ninja fighting techniques, they are green in colour etc…they are by no means inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle …No Sirrr! No…nahin …Never! So then a brief intro… Their names are Fighterr, Masterr, Cuterr and Shooterr! The ‘Terr’ at the end of it all…isn’t a typo…they are named so ’cause “terr” is the sound that toads keep making throughout the comics. When it comes to innovation and inspiration…DC/Marvel and sky is the limit ;)! FYI…to throw more light on their creativity: Heres….a sample promo!

Fighter Toads!

Here’s the transcript for all those who failed to read:

Masterr: Main ik dukhi aatma huun. Mera matlab insaan. Vinashkari Tsunami ke bare main toh aap jaante hi honge, jo samudra main aayi thi. Is baar Gutter main aayi hain! Humare desh ke gutter, samudra se jude hain. Madad ke liye chanda nahin bheja toh, bakwas ki samasya main jhoojhte gutter main rehnevale ‘Hazaaron’ log mare jayenge! [I am a dejected soul…I mean humans! You might have heard about the disastrous Tsunami that hit the seas…this time they are hitting the sewers!!! (No Shit!!!) If we don’t get the charity money that people contribute as a relief fund…thousand living in this sewers will perish!] :O

Computerr: Who shabd ‘Hazaaron’ nahin …’Chaaron’ hoga Masterr, Kyunki gutter main toh sirf hum chaar rehte hain.[You mean we 4 and not thousand…cuz we 4 are the only ones in the sewer] Computerr @ work 😛

Shooterr: Ab humko kewal ik hi cheez bacha sakti hain…aur who hain logon dwara bheja hua chanda! [Now, only the relief fund can save us] Someone shot his brain!
Evil Guy: MERA YE BLOG PADHKAR…VIDESHI BHEJENGE MUJHE KARODON KA CHANDA. KYUNKI MAIN HUUN……………..BLOGGER! [ After reading my blog…all the foreigners will send me crores n crores of charity money! Because, I am………BLOGGER!] I wanna read his blogpost 😛

If you are still alive…you may post a comment!

This whole month I have virtually written nothing. No it was not work pressure or anything…in fact I think work is an excuse given by imbeciles who take their jobs too seriously! Now the real reason for my inactive blog….this comic strip!


I got tremendously inspired by this and then I decide to do something – be lazy! Parents out of town…house to myself….and a work that just involves me sitting in my seat with a laptop. I had the perfect setting to master this art. So I became lazy…

People think that being lazy is simple…all you need to do is …nothing! Tell you what…people underestimate nothingness beeeeeegtime. You want proof…show me something that is nothing 🙂 . Infact, I was so awed by the concept of doing nothing that I took an oath to be lazy till ‘parents do us apart’. Laziness was always gonna be tough given dynamic, energetic and always-on-the-move-guy that I am 😛 (hehehe…yeah yeah go ahead shake em heads and say tsk tsk!) To tell you the truth, the novelty wore off 10 minutes into the vow…and I went whoaaa..wat the hell 2 weeks till parents come. But I hung on… First I dropped of my morning jog. That was easy to do…I got to sleep 1.5 hrs extra. Then I zipped up my morning breakfast making thing…for eg: freshly squeezed lime juice became GluconD etc.etc! Rickshaws to work happened. Work just involved sitting with laptop…and looking intelligent…that continued! Back from work…I stared into empty space for 30 minutes…waiting for shoes and socks to extricate by themselves….din happen…had to actually bend down! (Tried oiling my feet…didn’t help though) Baths were juss like sitting below a waterfall! God bless the inventor of showers. Then I switched on TV and my DivXplayer…I super blessed the remote discoverer guy! I called in food… I bowed (mentally ofcourse…no physical unwanted motions) to Graham Bell. I then tried playing my PS2…I quit 2 minutes 38 seconds into it…as I realized it took too much cerebral efforts, a lot oh hand –eye coordination and finger movements. I then juss started watching movies…I immediately switched from world cinema to hindi! Didn’t want to think…God Bless Zee Cinema! One thing I realized during this ‘lazy phase’ is that you begin to appreciate the little things in life…the things that make your life comfortable! Aaah!

This is another reason that makes this so difficult…No one can teach you to be lazy. It’s a self imbibed thing. Plus it requires immense patience, dedication, a blind ear to sarcasm and a deaf eye to motion and emotions about you. I longed for a guru! This very post went against my vow…but I write this after failing to master the art of maxima lethargica! I broke the vow…I ended up cooking a meal for myself! So then I come back from work…tired from all that sitting like a brooding hen…I decide to up my laziness quotient and sleep it off till dinner rather than exercising my pupil n my cornea watching stuff. I doze off and wake up late into the nite…and all the takeouts go shut! I was ravenous…and I couldn’t go back to sleep…especially knowing that there will be no breakfast either! Sadly…I gear up, wake up my tired, slow, lazy limbs, and I make myself some quick sandwiches and chomped on…sadly knowing that I failed.

But that’s when I realize the best part of it all…ie. Even if you fail…it just means that you ain’t lazy :D! So then I rest my case…I AM NOT LAZY …hence proved!!! Muahahhahah!

(Now that I know that I am not lazy… I shall post more often…I wonder how many will buy this though!)