So then…it happens…28th July 2007! This time around, the excuse was Rick Wright. The birthday boy got a toast from us…and set the tone for a party that was Wright-on rocking!

Rick Wright…Happy Returns

The first of the chamatkars happened at about 7pm, when Ameet calls up to check, where the hell I was, and he lets it slip that…BABA is in Hawaii Chappals and shorts! Bandra station reeled in front of my eyes…and I looked up at the heavens…and cried…and questioned HIS reasoning….whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???? Did Baba think…that it was how he could give in to Temptations????

Baba Ke Charan…
Baba Ke Charan

Baba Ka Prasad
Baba Ka Prasad

Beer, IceTea…n Rushdie!
Beer, IceTea….n Rushdie!!!

The intellectuals got a representation from Gargoyle…she came in to a pub with a book :O! Baba/Dhruv and gang…seemed reasonably curious, over the whole literary angle to the meet. Dhruv had gotten his buddies along… Ravi and Rahul thus got added to the Floydian Madhouse. Other new entrants were in the form of Satya and Ambrishh. Post the initial wassupps, we hit the music…and let it flow!

Through The Looking Glass
Through The Looking Glass!

Ismaaaaaaaaaaayleeeeeeeeee 🙂

15 Floydians…11 Floyd songs…I heard Gabbar Singh cry out in pain…Bahooot Na-insaafi hain ye! But, sadly that was the truth….All that the jukebox had was PULSE CD1…(No man…not even a CD2…no WUWH or Comfortably Numb etc….). So then we did…what must do…make it up! So then we invited in ‘From LA Umericcca, Born 1965 – The Doors!’, ‘The Sultannnnnns o Swing from England – Dire Straits’, ‘Grunge Incarnates from Aberdeen, Washington- Nirvana’, and add to the melodic meele…doses of GNR Scorpions Eagles and gang…and you would have had a Classic Rockin evening! And that was exactly what we had…

We…The Floydians
We…The Floydians

MoJo Risin’
MoJo Risin’

Miss My Book! Missin The Book???

DT and Gunner…as usual were bang on time!!! I mean they…banged it…screwed it…in and out…and in all the ways they could….%##$%^$%^ 2 hours late! If they manage three in a row…they will be penalized…one round of drinks and 2 ice teas at the next meet 🙂! But they made it up…getting two new Floydians…in Vivek and Alok….( I can see Vivek going Floydian matlabbbbbb……)

The Lunatic Is Beside My HeadThe Lunatic…is beside my head!

New Floydians On The Block
New Floydians On The Block

HyperMan fought through the vagaries of an editorial job…tottering in late, but making it in nevertheless. His buddy, Thomas…Alas…couldn’t make it in. Also obvious with his absence was our Floydian test subject- Chaddi. But he has promised to make it…to the ones lined up🙂!

Baba Bangali!!! Baba (and) Bangali

On a serious front…we got some cool stuff initiated. A few well laid plans…which may work out…or may just get laid 😉 …time shall tell! It seems as if we got some sort of a team thing going on…and at the end of the day…it will be just be our passion that will drive it all. May be we all are getting way over the top with all of our plans…but then Floyd was all about being over the top and doing stuff that others thought were weird and zany! I do believe that the handful of us…who sat through in that smokey room…having a good time, have it in us to ensure that the good times multiply manifold and reverberate all about!

Ballack N Da Baalak Ballack And The Baalak!

Many Such More To Come…
And Many More To Come…

Along the way…there will be many…who will see the whole thing as ‘A Momentary Lapse Of Reason’…but I guess slowly and steadily…the bricks are fitting in …soon enough we will have built a wall….that will encompass all of our love, admiration and adulation for one of the greatest bands that ever rockkkkkkkkked the earth – Pink Floyd!

The Last Living

Autumn had long gone…
But the leaves continued to fall.
The rose lay dead, the bush dying;
The dust was just settling.

The window sill had grown weaker,
The sun didn’t shine as much.

A weak wind howled.
The pain ran deep.
As the last friend bid adieu,
The lone leaf wept.

Said the twig,
“Times been trying…but I’ll protect you as long as I can;
My thorns are stronger now…
Hold on…for as long as you can!”

The leaf swayed,
“I shall live on…Don’t you worry;
I know that death beckons…
But then so does life!”

And thus they chatted for few more hours,
Worn out they slept a bit.
Reminisced over the days bygone,
The leaf fluttered, twig sang a song.

A bird flew overhead,
And dropped a message.
There was a glow…A hope,
And a fireball embraced them all.

The last living had fallen…
The last living had fallen….
The earth had gone silent somewhere,
And somewhere laughed a man decorated!

07/07/07…Aaah well…so then…hmmmm…okay…and after all that million questions and discussions and maybes and maynotbes and heres and there and yes and nos….we finally ended up puttin’ together a decent Floydian Meet for the first ever time, here in Mumbai!!! And boy…it was an evening to remember!
Syd - RIP

Roger Keith ‘Syd’ Barrett-the man behind Floyd…invariably became the man behind the meet. It was a ‘great day for freedom’…and a handful of us, experienced it to the fullest. Right from the initiation of the whole thing to 130 plus scraps to co-ordinating over phones and messengers…the entire process was driven on by a definitive conviction that, there are people out there…whole literally live Floyd daily…and manage to incorporate bit and pieces of ‘em in some form or the other into their day-to-day rituals, with random precision! It was an effort to get ’em outta the closet and try and see…what the whole deal was all about…and what actually constitutes to being a Floydian.

The following was the few stats that we got to know about the whole meet.

1> Floydians come in all shapes and sizes and cerebral structures.
2> Some voice their love for Floyd at a very hyper thot-a-minute rate…some speak 2 lines in 4 hours.
3> Floydians have categories: 1> Syd’s da Man 2> Waters waters everywhere 3> Gilmour For God 4> I dun care…All’s good!
4> Not all Floydians…know all the words to all the songs. But they love ‘em all…all the same.
5> They range from Pharma people to EmbeeAs to liguinstic trainers to dropouts to lukhhas! But they all find time fer Floyd!
6> The ratio of nondrinkers/nonsmokers to the ones who indulged, is approx 1:5!!!
7> The non drinkers usually resort to lemon ice tea! Smokers with Nagpurian experiences had chota Gold Flake for starters
8> 10 Floydians, in a bar, could be quite a handful!!! They sing, laff, create ruckus, and some like Baba has the audacity to ask the guys at The Sports Bar, “Aap sports ke alava koi aur channel nahin laga sakte kya!!!”
9> Their stories are as bizarre as their appearances…For eg: 1> Baba…tried to smuggle in a ParleG packet (of all things) to the RW concert!!! I can picture a very very confused security guy, post the frisks, seeing Glucose For Ganja!!! 2> Kaushik …this guy was supposed to cover a Gay party for a magazine…immediately after the Floyd meet. They kept calling him. He has long hair. Hope we get to meet him again!!!
10> The ratio of girls to boys at a Floyd meet is 2:8…or 1:4 …To put it in perspective…there were less girls than boys…thats it!!!

7 At 07/07/07!!! 7 At 07/07/07

A li’l something about the people who made it in, in order of their appearances:

Ameet: The man with contacts at the Sports Bar;)! He was the first one at the venue…He’s a Floydian with a beeeg empty house in Pune!!! Next Stop Guys!!!

Floydian Ameet at A Floydian MeetFloydian Ameet At A Floydian Meet!

Gargoyle: Decked in a RW concert T…she’s a cool un…who mixes Floyd with RC! She’s human after all…temporarily (Last word added under threat to my existence!)

Gargoyle And The Humans Gargoyle And The Humans (Dhruv n Ameet)

Myself: I was there all right! Loved it…sang a lot…felt like a lemon, after 3 iced teas!

Baba: He entered with a rang-birangi chatri…and the first thing that hit my mind – What the hell was God thinking!!!!

Baba Ke Bhaktjan! Baba N BhaktJan!!!

Dhruv: Baba’s frend…ice tea guy! Bootleg collector…and is to start contributing more to the community!

Kaushik: Hyper…hyper…hyper! He knows all the lyrics…he knows ‘em all. When he talks, it makes you feel that he gonna jump at ya. He got a thing fer high-fives!

Hyper Man….Goes Ballistic! Hyperman Goes Ballistic! Vishal goes WTF!!

Thomas: he’s not on the community…but shall be there soon. He juss nods his head…and he gets the ‘ I was ther…but din speak much’ award! Fellow Mallu!!!

Gunner And Tommy Gun! Gunner And Tommy Gun!

Gunner: aka Karan…loves to park his car in all the wrong places. Body builder…Floyd n DT lover ;)!

Guns N Guitars! Guns N Guitars!!!

Vineeth: This punk didn’t get his guitar…and he has a love for singing seconds and getting onto the higher octaves! He better get em six strings nexxtime!!!

Floydian Love Her Love Rains Down On Him…

DT: She made it from Pune juss fer the meet!!! And raced back after that!!!Salut! In the one and half odd hours that she was there, this language trainer gave Baba a great competition wrt who swears more!

Vishal: aka Chaddi( we dunno why…it was never revealed)! He was the Non-Floydian amongst us…and a self proclaimed wannabe. He called Novemeber Rain –Wish you were here…and was the happiest, when they started playing ‘Another Brick in The Wall’. A great sport!

Spoils O War Spoils-O-War

That was the meet…and a thoroughly enjoyable one at that. We plan to continue…even if the same 10 keep coming in…we plan to make it bigger and better. We will make it big enough that you begin Wish You Were Here, when we go into Interstellar Overdrive!!!

9 ON 10!!! All in all… 8.5 On 10! (Vishal is a semi-Floydian!!!)

Small Man


I am a small man
And I live in a small world
I have a small family
Mom, Dad, kid brother and she.


I am a small man
And I live in a small house
Got a comfy couch, a fridge, an oven and grill
And a 29 inch TV with looks to kill


I am a small man
And I work at a small place
Got a decent pay, a decent post and name
Comfortable living without no shame..


I am a small man
And I have small pleasures
Melodious music and an evening stroll
And yes…fishing in my own Floydian fishing bowl!


I am a small man
And I have small desires
To stay happy through the day
And keep on smiling that smile away!


I am a small man
And I have small problems
It’s just that I can’t see
That I ain’t myself…I ain’t me!


Big Man


So then, I am a big man
And I live in this big world
I have no family,
There’s just me, me and me!


I am a big man
And I live in a big house
Got all that’s to buy, in all the right places
I am surrounded by huge Floydian walls and empty spaces!


I am a big man
And I work in a big place
They hate me, but respect me at the same
Everything has been provided for, in the company’s name!


I am a big man
And I have big big pleasures
Sex, drugs and all that rocks and roll
And everything that would kill this heart with a hole!


I am a big man
And I have big desires
I want the whole world at my feet
And the moon to be my weekend holiday retreat!


I am a big man
And I have big problems
It’s just that I can’t see
The happy small man in me!


Perhaps neither big nor small I should be,
So much so, I think I know.
Guess I wanna be the little kid who did become a man;
But never did grow!

So then yesterday I go to see a movie…and it was a late night show. The previous show runs longer, and to make up time…they slash all the usual Vicco Vajradanti ads and the trailers. There was a definite sense of loss…More so, strangely, it was for missing out the National Anthem.

I say ‘strangely’, for a reason. To be very frank, I can’t say that I am overtly patriotic guy, but yeah like most Indians I feel a certain amount of pride, everytime India wins a match, say when an Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bombay Dreams gets orchestrated by Rehman, when Sania wins yet another preliminary round or even when Shivaji went global etc etc. It really makes me say…You know what…He/She is an Indian, and he/she deserves some credit for making us all proud. But then I don’t wear a flag on my lapel on I-day and R-day. I don’t actually fulfill *all* the duties of an ideal citizen, and I continue to crib about the country once in a while.

The loss of the words ‘Jana Gana Mana’, left me feeling…sort of incomplete, to the whole process of watching a film. I am ashamed and disgraced for what I just wrote…but the context being that, if it were not for the theatres, there would be a whole lot lesser people attuned to our Anthem. The guy, who initiated the idea of theatres playing the Anthem on large screens with a DTS Dolby Digital Surround Sound system is a true patriot, and a thinking one at that. For the entire duration of the Anthem…there are Indians congregated in a room, watching something that they should be acknowledging a lot more often. I know that people usually don’t react the way I do…they are there for entertainment. I don’t blame them for reacting differently. But for me, when it starts, I get goosebumps…and I sing it out loud, like I used to in school daily! Strange isn’t it that the more we grow…the more we miss out on the more important values! I wonder why they call it growing-up in the first place. Anyway…at the theatres, I voice my love for my country. Perhaps I subconsciously make up for all the name-calling that I do.

I ain’t no freedom fighter…I ain’t no Amir in RDB…I ain’t no super-human…but yeah I am someone who wishes to play his part of being an Indian. I have a long way to go…and let’s see how I go about, doing my bit! And here’s for all those who is feel that patriotic twinge just about now…I leave you with one of the finest renditions of our National Anthem.