The Spotlight

As the nocturnal dream entwines me;
Into its cold yet comforting embrace,
I see a vibrant darkness spin about.

A clarity of the black, visions unseen,
All my to-be’s and has beens,
Under a canopy of moonlit stream.

I begin to hear the flute and the violins
And the gentle rhythms of the night.
I settle in to catch ‘The Show Tonight’!

The opening act: Silver Beam And Silver Sea Crest
It dances, it prances, puts beauty to the test.
Your heart leaps; you comfortably rest.

Next on show, The Cicadas & ’em Crickets
From yonder the grassy walk and thickets
Simply awesome, simply wicked!

The Fireflies zip zap and zoom, like a Lilliputian aeroshow.
The moon humbled, its pride stumbled,
You see life, as prejudices crumble.

The penultimate display, is an impromptu one.
A pride of beautiful girls passing by.
A split-second visual contact… a smile…by far the best act!!!

The finale ensues with The Wind howling down a heady song,
Carrying something to set ablaze all of my senses.
I live a thousand lives, as the dew condenses!

I stand; in sync with the thousand hairs on my body.
I clap and whistle and cry… Encore …Encore…
They wave, bow and fade behind the curtains, with a promise for more!!!

The silver-screen goes dark as yet another projection terminates, and ends in an applause. People get up and leave… not staying any longer than the exact runtime of the film. End-credits are treated like the dressing accompanying a beautiful meal… neglected, but very much there. But even worse is the life of the screen itself… as it gives company to the credits rolling by.

Come to think of it, it’s a strange life that the screen leads… a life on which many other lives find a setting on! It cries, laughs, hopes, imagines, dreams and goes silent from time to time, living this on day in and out! It’s ironic that the story of the screen itself, through the riots of colours, animation, bad acting etc., is just a plain sheet of white! Nobody remembers it for itself, they do so, just for the stories it tell. To think, that it turns silvery only when it is living a life, that is… but its own!

I see a new similie getting made….As selfless as a silverscreen!

It is inhuman…and perhaps, the very reason, for it being so wonderful!

The Screen

The white comes alive.
Eyes settle in the cushions,
Ears perk up, and for once…
The heart and mind think in sync.

The room slowly goes dark,
Many a nerve ends glow.
Onscreen, the hero takes the centrestage,
Off it, he stealthily slips his hand into hers.

The lead lady shimmers and dazzles;
As does the girl in the next seat.
The hero falls…both of them!
And thus begins the beginning to a happy ending!

The movie continues to roll…
For the softdrink downers and random popcorn munchers.
The star-struck and the wide-eyed watch away,
While celluloid dreams get rewritten elsewhere!

The movie ends in a while…
And the crowds begin to dissipate!
Strangely, the ones who wished the movie never ended;
Were the ones who never saw it!

Sea And I

“Hey!” , said I,
As a roar greeted me,
“Hello Sea…this is me.”

“So?”, it boomed.
“What am I to do?”,
It asked matter of fact.

“Oh…nothing…no offense!”
Said I, “Just thought of stoppin’
And droppin’ in a wave!”

“What???”, it thundered.
As an angry assault drowned me,
making me feel temporarily soluble.

“Pun unintended”, I clarified
through gulpfuls of salt water
“A thousand pardons!”

“Oh no…No need for an apology”,
Said the Sea,”I respect your stopping by,
That was out of surprise!”

“Sorry for drenching you,
You caught me unaware…”, continued
Dropping to a whisper, “Plus acidity issues!”

“Hahahaha, So long then…have fun!”
Said I,” Keep them waves rollin’
And that madness tickin’!”

“You too kid…Wish you the same!
I am sorry though…” Sea frothed,
“I never happened to catch your name!”

“Oh Sea..I am….”
“Nevermind…let it be…will tell you laters,
When I’ll be big and important, for you to remember me!!!”