In My Head!!!

The Fender wails…
High on psychedelia;
Higher on love.
Wood and steel in unison
Sculpting air. Visions.

Smoke everywhere,
Sweet, full of breath;
Asphyxiating all care uncalled.
Ghosts of the living,
Albatrosses, hopes, flying.

Gods in Act, acting Gods.
Stirred and shaken,
Perfect blend, Amen!
Touched by the Metatron
Sonic N-Bombs, a zillion Ktons.

The river of sweat,
Sound bytes and more,
Ambrosia over a setting sun in Eden.
A bend in time. A Big head Bang.
A furious mix of sweet and tang.

Marshals, frenzied, roll.
The equalizer set to equalize
Ranges beyond the console!
As geographies melt,
Iron and Gold smelt.

Roger and Dave serenade,
The Wright- Mason duet made.
The lunatic smiles overhead.
The dark moves into the light,
Quivering hearts & stage fright!

She glances & smiles.
Pompei, in my head.
Flatlined, wonder-eyed, in bed.
There she was, my flower child,
My elusive Floydian wild.

This is one ode, that has taken a long time in coming. There were many things that came in between this post and the urge to put my feel of the day into words, but then that’s another story. The day was 14th December… and Mumbai got stung… and it wasn’t winter at work! I was there… right up from when this German penta-force raged passion fuelled firestorms deep into the aural channels!

Scorpions… 🙂

My introduction to Scorpions had been to their Gold album <black cover with the infamous golden scorpion on show!>, in the first year of my Engineering course. Since then it has been a relationship that was much cherished. Klaus, Rudolph and co. helped me go through sheaves and sheaves of assignment papers, and that was one favor that I have to have to accredit them for. So, when I heard they gonna be there in Mumbai for their Humanity Hour I tour… it was a no-brainer, as to where I saw myself standing in the crowd! There’s been much talk about the concert with respect to a poor turnout, high energy performances, insane guitar and drum solos, freebies to the audiences…etc etc etc… For those of you, who missed this act… my deep rooted sympathies!

Ladies & Gentlemen, here on, I will let these pictures do the talking….

The Concert That Was: Scorpions Humanity Tour – Live In Mumbai!

Hour I
“Welcome To Humanity… This Is Hour I”

Lady Starlight: The Silent Performance!
Lady Starlight: The Silent Performance!

Shimmer Man
Scorpio Supernova….

Powww-Wahhh Chords!!!
Powwww-Wahhhhh Chords!

Schenker & Jabs Rockolutions Schenker & Jabs
The Schenker & Jabs Meltdown!

Klaus! Klaus!

Klaus! Klaus!
Let him take you far away!

Schenker Schenker!
Flyin’ Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Hand Of God?
Hand Of God???

Remains From The Hurricane
Remains From The Hurricane…

Massive-Woda! A Kottak Moment!
Massive-Woda                                        A Kottak Moment!

The Meine Man

When The Smoke Is Going Down!
When The Smoke Is Going Down…