Some rocks wish to flow.
Some waters wish to stay still.
They journey through time, transform irrevocably & fulfill their desires.

And when you look at the blooming lotuses …
One can’t help but feel, that it was all worthwhile!


A handful of people, SMS me without fail,
everytime Andaz Apna Apna gets telecast on TV.

Another friendly bunch, makes sure to let me know,
with every Floyd experience they have, wherever they be.

Sometimes it’s sunsets, lemon teas, brownies or medu-wadas,
that I get reminded of, whenever they happen to see.

Or the Bhurji nights at Coopers that I always get invited to,
In the inky, dark morning hours, wee.

Strange it may sound, are the things that people associate me with,
and strange I guess it always will be.

But hey, who’s complaining, ’cause it’s super heartening,
that one way or the other, someone or the other always remember me!