It was a near perfect evening & I was happy with the way it all turned out!

The plan was a last minute one, and hence with all the last minute action, I reached the Churchgate station 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled ETA of my friend, Thakkar-san. This gave me just about enough time, to do a quick drop in and have a short tête-à-tête with the wind, the sea & the shimmering sun.


The talk was short. But yet again, as on numerous occasions before, I stood there, humbled, by the sheer magnitude. All my doubts and worries seemed totally insignificant in its wake. The sun shined away as if to re-energize me & the wind gave me a smile.

Next Stop – Tea Centre. T-san was his usual ‘XXL bundle of exuberance’ self. As we got seated, it didn’t take him long to espy a small bell on the table, which when tinkled, made a waiter apparate alongside our table. Let’s just say, that the bell was tinkled more than once, and not always the right guy turned up in answer. This one time, a waiter dropped by, with the message that the right guy will show up at the table soon. It was as if you rubbed the magic lamp, and an imp turned up instead, as a proxy, with the message that the genie would soon be there to grant you the wishes.

The tea ( rather teas ) were awesome. Being our 1st time, we ordered a pot of tea for each us. Pots of Ginger Lemon Green Tea, Blood Orange Tea & a Darjeeling Full Leaf Tea, made their appearance wafting through in divine fragrance. As expected, there was a lot of tea… and we overdrank (supposed to be like overeat… but instead you drink). I wondered if that was what being liquidated felt like. We had some Khopoli wadas to go with it, and guess they bobbed around in our tummies, like apples/tomatoes thrown into a lake! Later as we waddled our way out, little waves of tea, struck the shores of our stomachs. We were high & smiling away.

Expectations & predicament alike, ensured that we were well before the appointed time to see Manav Kaul’s next – Park. Have caught up on all of his previous works, T-san & I, were really eager, as to what would unfurl in front of us, and whether the travel from one end of Mumbai to the other was worth it. The teas were doing little to rope in the enthu. Our panic was over the free seating for the show. It was a new venue for us, and the people who have been there said, there was limited seating. As expected, a decent crowd had built up by the time the play was about to start. As soon as the entry started, people ran to get the very best seats.

Now, T-san, as he arrived, got the chance to sit beside two cute girls. Ever the gentleman, he asked their permission to sit beside them, and of course they acknowledged. As T-san sat, his mega-ness instantly made the bench sink about 5 cms into the soft park ground. The girls giggled, as T-san grinned that grin he grins. Had he sat longer… in some time, it was sure that the girls would have slid into him. But then he made the ‘instantly regretted’ decision of sitting on the ground, closer to the performance area. [If either of you girls comes across this post & recall this incident… T-san is one of the nicest guys on earth!]

The play was beautiful. Manav Kaul & Kumud Mishra had done it again. Simple & elegantly done, and thought provoking at that. The setting and the ambience provided to the play, by the natural surrounds of Horniman Circle, added to its beauty greatly.

As the play finished, I was left wondering whether ‘Theatre’ was the only form of visual entertainment that had any sense of sincerity left.

Highly recommended – Park, lots of tea & a short stop by the sea.