Hey guys…so then a lot of you felt that you wished you were there. Heres’s a small effort from my end to fulfill a fraction of that wish of yours. So, I got more than an hour long ‘super-shaky’ highlights of the show on my SE w810i. I have put up some of that, for all of you to view here. Pardon, my inability to hold my hands steady for long! But, then you can’t stand still, can ya, if every cell on your body is ODed on 100 % pure Psychedelica.

Set I

In The Flesh: (1:38s) The man…marching hammers and fireworks!

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Shine On: (8:30s) Famous Four Chords…Snowy, Dave and Ian…and …Syd Syd Syd!!!

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Wish You Were Here: (4:54s)…Missed you Gilmour!!!

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Set II
(The near complete DSOTM on shaky-video 😀 !!!)

Speak To Me – Breathe Reprise: (15:37s)Sweeeeeeeeet Mothhherrrrrrrr Offfff Godddd!!!

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Great Gig In The Sky – Money: (10:04s) And so she sang…and Money rained!!

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Us And Them – Any Color You Like: (10:03s) And afterall, we are only…Ecstacy maxxed!!!

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Brain Damage – Eclipse: (5:50s) The lunatics are in the ground… :D!!!

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Happiest Days Of Our Lives – Another Brick In The Wall (Part II): (5:35s) Happiest Days indeed!!!

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Comfortably Numb: (7:56s) As always…No words to this!!!

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The avi files of Set I, Set II and Encore…to be made available on this site soon (3-4 days max!!!) They have more unseen video snippets (slightly better quality)of Leaving Beirut, Southampton Dock, Fletcher Memorial, Vera and Bring The Boys Back Home. Download and Relive!!!

Vote Of Thanx:

Would like to thank…My Cell Phone…My Right Hand…and my friends Kalam, Amar and mos def Thakkar-san, for helping me make this unbelievable moment in time, being made available to fellow Floydians all over the world! Rock On!!!

I spent an unusually quiet day today and it took me the entire day for everything I saw to sink in…People think I might have delayed writing this post…trust me I still have no words to write what I witnessed. Any number of adjectives or exclamation marks will fail to mark the pure magic, I managed to witness. All I can say is that even after 40 odd hours since the concert… there is someone in my head….AND IT’S NOT ME!

I entered the area outside the grounds as early as 4:30 and was in time to hear what I presume to be one of the best sound-checks ever. Hush now baby babe…screamed the quadraphonix …and I was like…tell that to my heart! I walk in to the ground, a little past 5:30 and I took in one of the first zillion gasps, I took that day! I knew at that moment that I had taken one of the finest decisions in my life …to go for the 3K ticket. Up close and personal…Mr. Waters. Enroute to the grounds I could have sworn that it was a dressed in black Waters, sitting in a black car…in front of my rickshaw…I’d say a 99.99 % on that…anyway I can’t prove it and I don’t have to…so I’ll just feel happy over it 

Ok the concert begins and we see ourselves about 15 odd rows away from the stage…not a bad start I guess…plus there wasn’t an inch to move…but we tried, and so did the others. I remember this middle aged guy saying, “Please let me go ahead…my wife is out there!” It was so exasperating, that the ‘devil-in-me’ replied, “Sir….even my wife is somewhere out there…it’s just that I ain’t married yet!!!” The truth was nobody could have helped him…not even Waters  The screen came alive with a man smoking an unending cigarette and taking sips of alcohol and tuning a radio…and then he tuned it to the perfect station……….In The Flesh……….finally in the flesh!

The Stage

Set I:

In The Flesh:
So ya…Thought ya…might like to go to the show………Bloody Hell yeah!!! Since the very first day we heard of the tour!!! LIGHTS! ROLL THE SOUND EFFECTS! ACTION!!!

The Dream…The dream begins The Man…In action

Mother: One song that always nudges its way into my head and makes me sing it all the time…it was Mother that I was singing even hours after the concert got over!!! Still dunno why!!! Ooooooooh babe…ooooooooh babe….oooh babe….you will always be baby to me. Katie Kissoon …Sweeeeet Mother of God!!!

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun:
I dunno about the sun…but this amazingly mellow number did set it on collision course with a thousand hearts all across MMRDA. Amazing visuals adorned the screen behind.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (II-V): Syd was there…….Syd was!!!
Dave Kilminister registered the four famous chords….deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside us for a looooong time to remember, then Ian Ritchie gave a super saaaxxxxy performance.

...And Thus He Sang…And thus he sang....And more came along…And he played!

Have A Cigar:
It left many in a cloud of smoke…a smoke of smuggled cigarettes.

Wish You Were Here: Gilmour …you were missed…and many many wished you were here! Some wished their girl friends were…some their wives…I wished that one guy…who so amazingly managed to ruin it for some of us present there, by trying to push on ahead, wasn’t there at all!!!

On n On More of it

Southampton Dock / Fletcher Memorial:
This point on …Waters has lined up his lyrical best!!! The angst …pain…point of views all came to the fore…a beautiful prelude to Pig!!! Super visuals again!!! And Roger expressed all those in that whispering voice of his…before making apt introductions …
“ladies and gentlemen, please welcome reagan and haig
mr. begin and friend mrs. thatcher and paisley
mr. brezhnev and party
the ghost of mccarthy
the memories of nixon
and now adding colour a group of anonymous latin
american meat packing glitterati”

Perfect Sense: I had heard this song before and I knew that this had one of the best lyrics to come. The monkey got confused…but imparted sensibility to the thousands about… Then there was PP Arnold. She went….hold on …hold on…soldier…yeah right…like we could!!! And suddenly it all made perfect sense…3000 bux expressed as 10 rows behind the fence! (Yes we had wiggled and squiggled 5 rows ahead !) The song left with us very profound lyrics that kept racing around the head.

Peace…Peace & more Earth n I…One Earth, One God…Perfect Sense!

Then Waters spoke….about all that was Leaving Beirut….

Leaving Beirut: this was the best part of the entire show!!! Totally unexpected…totally rad! Some of the best anti-establishment lyrics ever written!!!

Beirut begins!…Beirut begins.

“Oh George! Oh George!
That Texas education must have fucked you up when you were very small”

“Not in my name, Tony, you great war leader you
Terror is still terror, whosoever gets to frame the rules
History’s not written by the vanquished or the damned
Now we are Genghis Khan, Lucretia Borghia, Son of Sam”

And That…He said that
“America, America, please hear us when we call
You got hip-hop, be-bop, hustle and bustle
You got Atticus Finch
You got Jane Russell
You got freedom of speech
You got great beaches, wildernesses and malls
Don’t let the might, the Christian right, fuck it all up
For you and the rest of the world”

He said that…And he said that!

And ….it all made Perfect Sense too….

Sheep: The Sheep got eclipsed by the pig! 😀

The Pig: The 30 footer floated up like the emotions that Mr. Waters was managing to well up, towards the lag end of the first half. We were unsure who the more vociferous one was! The pig said… Impeach Bush…Kafka Rules…Habeus Corpus matters a lot…Save Our Bacon…Cut Along Dotted Lines (that lined up its neck)…Fear Build Walls…then it tried Hindi with Sarva Jaati Ek!

Entry…The Pig! Free??…It flew!

It got Free At Last…and flew away into the inky Mumbai sky…

It Flew

We got also moved ahead to the first 5 rows…as the Gods decided to take a break for 15 minutes…and then what looked like a dot or a lighting malfunction appeared on the screen….then it grew bigger by the minute! We were being taken….to The Dark Side Of The Moon!!!

Set One ends

Set II

It started with heartbeats…it ended with it. In between them, we experienced…Infinty! I had a deep sense of time loss…and I saw …what I had always wanted to see…

The moon…The promise gets closer!

We took in the experience in gulps…! But…we did not breathe….at all!!!

On The Run: This took us into a maze of colors and sound! We expected nothing less from thw Masters of Psychedilca

Time & Breathe Reprise: The clock ticked…the alarms rang…and Graham Broad lost control over himself and uleashed venom on the drums! Kilminister…sang, Snowy and Andy joined in….Waters performed! And …it brought the faithful to their knees…with their quadraphonic 360 degree spells!!

The Bright Side…Heaven???

The Great Gig In The Sky:
I had always wanted to know how they made that sound and Katie (I think it was her) showed it just how……….pain…anger…pleasure…sensuality…joy …sorrow all rolled at once…only gods can make such a exhilarating composition. All I can say that it was a very special moment in time! Thanx lady!

Money: It was worth it…….totally! I got paid in full!

Us And Them / Any Colour You like: This reflected all th at was the moment…There were Us in the crowd and them on the stage…and everything got held up in a very somber atmosphere…as we visualized…the feel that the song portrayed and a riotous colors spangled all about us…as we waited patiently for the lunatic to turn up.

The Dark Side …The dark side!!! welcome…Welcome

Brain Damage / Eclipse:
Boy…did he turn up or what! The lunatic in me…was at his vocal best…when the promise of the Dark side was made to him!! All that he touched and all that he was pure magic and it probably could eclipse even the greatest of sorrows in this world. The lunatic lost control…the lunatic had made it to the third row 

Then Waters ‘staged’ an end to the show…kinda lame given that the entire setlist was up on the Wikipedia :P!!! But I guess…it comes very naturally to rockers…they love the sound of encores!

The fake goodbye…Don’t worry…This is an act!


The Happiest Days Of Our Lives: No explanations needed…goes without saying: D!!!

The reason…The reason behind our happiest day!

Another Brick In The Wall-Part II:
Eeeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! The Anthem went Live!!!

Vera Lynn / Bring The Boys Back Home: Her beautiful face lit up the backdrop as Roger went all out for this one! This was more like a precursor to what would be the highest point of the concert, but sadly …many of the boys/girls wouldn’t come back home…as they preferred to stay on at the moon! There had to be a greater call…reality was far from us…And then he took us even farther…

Comfortably Numb: …

Numbed…Numb & Number… by the minute!

The last thing I remember is that I had reached the first row…and heard the song being played…Roger, Dave, Snowy, Andy, Ian, Jon, Graham, Harry, Katie, PP and Carol had waved…and left amidst smoke.

M fakin it …Thank You Adieu…Adieu

I lay on the ground, happy and sad, thirsty…hungry…very much hungry for more…delirious…still hearing sounds, staring at the suddenly-dark-&-lonely Mumbai sky…

And I silently wished…that I could see a few more stars…

The Dark Side Of The Moon

I am just a few hours from the Roger Waters Concert.

I have just finished hearing the Dark Side Of the Moon …thrice…back to back!

As I write this…the speakers go…the lunatic is in my head….and I guess as much

My mom is asking me to be extra nice to her today…as she is the one safeguarding my tickets!

I saw the Pink Floyd interview about the making of DSOTM yesterday…they looked so nice together. But then I guess… even Gods fight….

But the men and women in action today will be the following:

•    Roger Waters – Vocals, bass guitar and acoustic guitar
•    Andy Fairweather-Low – Guitar, bass and backing vocals
•    Snowy White – Guitar
•    Dave Kilminster – Guitar, vocals and additional bass
•    Jon Carin – Synthesizer, guitar, lap steel guitar and vocals
•    Harry Waters – Hammond organ and synthesizer
•    Ian Ritchie – Saxophone, EWI and additional bass
•    Graham Broad – Drums and percussion
•    Katie Kissoon, P. P. Arnold, Carol Kenyon – Backing vocals

I will catch up with all you soon…….after my trip to the Dark Side Of The Moon!


When I was a kid, my father made it a point to take us to various classical music concerts, as and when he could. He had learnt it as a kid, and is a decent singer in himself. We happened to be in Calcutta (it was named so while we were there :P!), for a period of 2 years, and , like the general notion is, the city is a great perpetrator of anything remotely art based. Calcutta saw the presence of an organization called the Rasika Ranjini Sabha, a group of music and art enthusiasts who organized shows by renowned performers for a yearly membership fee, as paltry as a hundred bucks. So every other Sunday used to be a family outing to a concert hall to see some greats like T.N Seshan or Ganesh-Kumaresh in action. I was in 5th or 6th grade and my brother 2 grades lower than me…and I wish I could fathom the beauty of the concerts then…’cause most of the times, we used to run amok at the hall, or pester our parents for those inevitable bathroom/I-am-feeling-hungry/I-wanna-go-home breaks. But, like they say ‘Kids will be kids…’

This Sunday, it was after more than 15 odd years that I got a chance to relive those moments. As me, my bro, my dad and a cousin made our way to the Shanmukhananda Hall, after an hour long wait in the queue, it was a nostalgic moment for me. TOI along with SBI were celebrating Pongal in its musical best. What better than a thorough Tamilian family, to lead us through it…Dr. L. Subramaniam, Kavita Krishnamurthy and their kids Seetha and Ambi! It was a good performance overall, as the family tried to touch up on all the different genres of music from jazz to classical and pop to Thillana in a span of about three hours. Doc started it all with a jazz –carnatic fusion and left many a guys wondering as to what hit them. To tell the truth…Seetha’s two English pieces and Kavita’s ‘Mr. India’ and ‘Nimbuda’ act could have been done without. Kavita made her presence felt with two high octave, high octane performances, ‘Om Namah Shivay’ and ‘Tu Hi Re’…beautiful to say the least! What took the cake though was the ‘father and son act’! Ambi ain’t most def not half as eloquent as Doc, but he shows that he’s gonna go twice as far! The highlight – the Mohanam piece by the duo!!! Simply spectaculatronikeshwarousness!!! There were times when Ambi failed to keep afloat with his father’s flight-o-fancy, and at such moments the father in Doc guided the kid and backed him beautifully. And for me, it was great to keep tabs on the thalam, alongside my dad 😀 !!! I would put it as an evening well spent…

So then I was forced to turn up at Churchgate station at 6:30 sharp. My bro and one of my best friends stood there grinning ear to ear, as if they held the secrets to my future. In a way they did…and they did everything to ensure that I was aware of that. So when my subsequent proddings as to where the hell were they taking me, resulted in an exasperated reply “RAKHI DANCE BAR”, from my brother…I shut up…for another 30 seconds, ‘cause 30 seconds on…a scream left my throat, as both the guys thrust me into a taxi, and asked the driver to drive onto Jehangir Art gallery!!! I am a guy who failed his Elementary Drawing Exam, ‘cause his sunflower had gone RED :O …I shuddered.

What was in store for me was two hours of pure bliss…and I can’t thank my friend enough, for this treat!! Picture this…Max Mueller Bhavan Auditorium…25-30 odd invitees…a two hour long classical flute recital…4 Raagas …no accompaniments!!! It was the most beautiful ‘silence’ I ever experienced!

Jay Thakkar, a protégé of Shri Hari Prasad Chaurasia of 8 years, and an exponent of the bamboo flute in himself, was melody personified given those moments. To be honest, I know next to nothing regarding the ragas and classical technicalities, but I do have an ear for music, by God’s grace…and it was a moment that made me feel really grateful for that. Jay started it off with Raag Dhaani, setting up the tone for the evening. He follwed it up with Raag Kedar, and brought to an end, the first installment of the show. Part II flagged off with Raag Malkauns (Its Carnatic version ‘Mohanam’ happens to be Dad’s fave . A Raag Bhairavi signed off the concert as a brilliant display of aural exquisiteness! It may sound a bit melodramatic, but to say that in between, there were moments, when I closed me eyes and just let the music make me think up stuff! Trust me…you had to see it to believe it. I have always admired flute as an instrument…I owe it to Jay, for having shown me its true potent! It left me wishing that I take my music lessons more seriously. Dada and Bro…heartfelt thanx for an evening to remember!!!