Perfect Blue

Movie Name: Perfect Blue (1998)

Language: Japanese

Director: Satoshi Kon

Genre: Animation Thriller

Rating: 8/10

If you think animation is just for kids, think again…‘cause here is an art of a movie that will make you see the darker side of colours, inks and pencil markings. If like me, you ended up with a few unanswered questions, at the end of the movie, don’t be surprised to read what others had to say about this piece of celluloid…comparisons range from calling it a ‘Disney meets Hitchcock’ to Lynch and the likes. Satoshi Kon has excelled to the point of making the animation so real to life that momentarily you cease to see the distinction between the two. It’s amazing to see the depth of characters that these myriad sketches portray to you, and the intensity of emotions that they capture in a two-dimensional format. For more than an hour into the movie, you are still trying to comprehend what is it that is actual, and what’s the story within the story. Complex, intriguing and true-to-Japanese-liking…gory! (Not much compared to others…this one just has an ‘animated’ awl going through ‘animated’ eyes :P!)

Perfect BlueThe flipside…Multiple Personality Disorder…the most glorified of all medical complications, strikes yet again! Any more of it…and I guess…I will get a split! I have to say that the screenplay, in spite of this, hold water, to the extent of promising a nail biting finish. The revelation at the end of the movie comes through as very novel and …a crazzzzzzy manner. It’s a mind bender in all the true senses. Watchout for the scenes with the fishes …it’s simple, effective and horrifying in a very aesthetic sense. Also keep an eye open for the beautiful and graceful alter ego, that skips and hops about…exactly the same way your mind would. And like me, if you didn’t understand as to why is it called ‘Perfect Blue’ … the Japanese tagline is the cue!

The color of illusion is Perfect Blue!!!

The Verdict

Movie Name: The Verdict (1982)

Language: English

Director: Sidney Lumet

Genre: Court Room Drama

Rating: 7.5/10

Superlative acting…that was the first thing that hit me the moment I began watching the movie. Paul Newman totally gets into the skin of the character to perform a stellar role. Prior to this movie, pardon my lack of knowledge, but the truth be told, I had never heard of Sidney Lumet and had never seen a Paul Newman movie. So it was like a shot in the dark, when I sat down to watch this film, the only help being a recommendation from an uncle of mine. And to say the least…I have to admit that my uncle has a good taste in movies :D! There was one face that struck me throughout the movie…and that was of Charlotte Rampling…and like the protagonist says in the movie, “My God…you are beautiful!!!” She gives a beautifully bitter performance ;)!

the verdictThe story revolves around the case between a hospital and a patient who had to pay a dear price due to the negligence of respected docs. I admit…there’s nothing new in here, as far as the backbone of the story goes…but it’s the people who make the script stand up and be noticed. The movie invokes emotions that are honest to heart. Look out for the lack of ‘heavy-duty’ or ‘imposing’ back ground score and simplistic camera work. (1982 …yes I know…maybe it wasn’t all that intentional: P!) Have to commend on the screenplay…good, powerful and non-melodramatic dialogues…but nevertheless in sync with the usual court-roomish lingo! A little while into the movie, I felt that the director got it majorly wrong with the chemistry between the lead characters, because of the speed with which they end up in bed…but I guess it all made sense afterall!! All in all…a very good film…worth a watch!

being cyrus

Movie Name: Being Cyrus (2005)

Language: English (Indian)

Director: Homi Adajania

Genre: Thriller/Drama

Rating: 7.5/10

I have been wanting to see this movie, the first instance it hit the theatres…but fate had other ideas. It was after a 6 odd month long wait that I finally got to see it. It’s a grand feeling, when you see a movie like that, and realize that …dude that’s been made by an Indian. By that, I ain’t undermining the Indian greats…I am simply happy for the fact that commercial Indian cinema is trying new stuff, and that there are producers out there, who have the courage to put their faith and money in a debutante director for a ‘different’ movie. Homi has done a commendable with his first attempt with the camera, but see it from an Indian audience perspective…and one might see that he has done a tad too much at one go! And hence the widely proclaimed label …Pretentious! What the hell do they mean by pretentious anyway…to me it reads…shit I can’t do those things that this guy has…so lemme term it- pretentious…sour grapes, if you ask me! A few glimpses of immaturity comes with the much clichéd use of quotations and usages…but then they are subliminal, once the strong characterizations take over the screen. The black n white snapshots that depict the psyche of the protagonist is smoothly done.

The movie is dark…visually as well as cerebrally, a story well told and depicted. The plot revolves around the niche Indian Parsi community, and is true to their generally alienated and secluded outlook. Homi does well to cast characters that fit the bill, and invoke the reactions the script demanded. I know that it’s a matter of little thought, a movie which has cast of the likes of Nasir, Dimple, Boman etc. could fall flat…but then…Bollywood is capable of anything! (For eg: Om Puri…in Don!!! He was more wasted there…than Jimi Hendrix on his deathbed! ). The story is decently intriguing, and ends up creating a few question marks, halfway through film. Not exactly a ‘super-brainer’ of a script, but a good one, amazing…if you consider this a ‘Bollywood’ film! Simone singh turns out cuter than I imagined :P!

And finally…three top reasons to watch this movie- Saif………..Ali………Khan!

The Neighbour No.13Neibor 13

Movie Name: The Neighbor No.13 (2005)
Language: Japanese

Director: Yasuo Inoue

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Rating: 6.5/10

I have always had this thing for films of oriental origin. Their approach to cinema as such is different than filmmakers of other origins. For one…they believe in a story line. For a guy who has had his fair share of Bollywood films, these come as a treat. Next comes the visual beauty that these guys manage to capture so effortlessly…and by visuals I don’t mean the Swiss Alps or Parisian architecture that our Indian directors dole out amply. By visuals, I talk about the way the camera speaks out for all that has been left unscripted. I hope, shamelessly again…that an Indian director copies these techniques. Save the money spent on foreign locales to rather touch up the onscreen beauty…and experiment! I pray…there be more Sanjay Guptaesque Kaantes and Zindas…than shit like ‘Baabul’ and ‘Vivaah’!

The movie ‘The Neighbour No.13’ happens to be the directorial debut of Yasuo Inoue…and this guy is quick to walk the grounds previously ploughed on by the likes of Chan Wook Park and Takashi Miike (Miike gives a cameo in this one!)! Revenge…this is a theme that these masters swear upon…and go to the extreme to depict it! Inoue, begins his debut with a mind blowing still of a desolate house amidst rainclouds…one of the best stills I have ever seen!!! As a matter of principle, I would desist from providing any spoilers…I know how it feels! I would rather give pointers as to what to watch out for! Ok …coming back, truth be told…this guy can direct. Ain’t that much of a mind blowing script, but a decent one nevertheless…this one is another one of those schizo/MPD flicks! On a personal note…I feel nothing beats Primal Fear and Ed Norton…and script writers and directors, should leave this field of medical complication, alone. Anyway, what makes up for the let down in the script is the portrayal…and the screenplay. Simplistically shot…yet artistically done. Watch out for that little piece of animation in between a narrative. The climax scenes is comparatively toned down and silent…to give a cold blooded feel to the revenge. Super casting and acting…especially by a scar faced Shido Nakamura.

The flipside…the sheer nonchalance with which they portray gore! This doesn’t go to the extremes that others go onto…nevertheless; Inoue tries to chip in with his bit. The visuals about body entrails and excrement could have been done without, but I guess it comes as easily to them as does a song and dance sequence to us. All in all, a decent film, good visuals, and a great debut! Worth a watch! Oh…by the way…the revenge is blood-curdling! Trust me when I say this…imprison these script writers 😛 !

Breathe, breathe in the air.
Don’t be afraid to care.
Leave but don’t leave me.
Look around and choose your own ground.

Long you live and high you fly
And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry
And all you touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be.
– Pink Floyd

Here’s what we know about Oxygen:
Oxygen is a chemical element with the chemical symbol O and atomic number 8. Oxygen is the second most common element on Earth, composing around 49% of the mass of Earth’s crust and 28% of the mass of Earth as a whole, and is the third most common element in the universe. On Earth, it is usually covalently or ionically bonded to other elements.

Here’s what we fail to understand about Oxygen:
Oxygen is perhaps what makes Earth Earth and human beings what they are!

Pure Oxygen is known to give a high…perhaps that’s cause it can give you a sense of reality. This blog is my tribute to one of the greatest elements on Earth…and my account of certain highs (n lows) that it made me live through! I ain’t waiting till my last breath or for asphyxiating moments to understand its worth. I begin…