Paper Boat, Paper Plane

A paper boat, gently afloat;
Forgotten notes, winds connote.

Gossamer air, a summer spare;
Neither here, not quite there.

A lonely wave, silent cloud,
A beatin’ heart, rapture loud.

Off on a prayer, an ancient lore,
Off the shore, off for more.

And I row, row, row on by,
Sailin’ mind, roving eye.
And I row, row, row on by,
Live and die, laugh and cry.

Paper’s wet,  boat’s in pain.
Paper’s dry, boat’s a plane.

Wings of flight, a gravity fight,
Into the night, into the light.

Oxygen rare, thrill & fear,
Up I tear, the atmosphere.

Endless race, endless space,
Golden rays, golden grace.

And I fly, fly, fly on by,
Cruisin’ soul, glidin’ high.
And I fly, fly, fly on by,
Live and die, laugh and cry.

Paper boats, paper planes;
Through misty winds, summer rains,

Uncharted skies, waters unknown,
Beyond lands, none ‘ve flown.

On the run, once begun;
Ride’s fun, ride’s never done.

Dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn,
On and on and on and on.

4 Thoughts on “Soul Sailin’

  1. AAAAAAh! Spectacular! I felt like I was near the water and there was a cool breeze blowing and it was slightly cloudy and I could smell wet earth. These words brought all that! 🙂

  2. Amazing…made me wander in my thoughts

  3. very catchy rhythm.. feel as if i’m in a boat with willy wonka.. faster faster, faster faster.. and on and on and on and on.

  4. I would to love to hear this put to song 🙂 Nice eet ees

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