The Two Stop Express
And so very slowly, I opened my weary eyes.
I was tired and lonely, with a whirlwind in my head.
Came to realize that in a blink, 27 had gone by,
Feet moving furiously, but never leaving the bed.

Strange that I woke up, when it wasn’t meant to be;
Surrounded by millions, wherever I laid my sight.
Some were silent, some smiled, while some of them cried;
Some huddled in a corner and some shadow-boxed a fight.

I found myself riding The Two Stop Express.
That runs till you stop,
Circlin’ a circular track.
Found myself riding The Two Stop Express.
A one-way ticket ride,
You start, to always come back.

Tried to stir up, the stranger asleep nearby,
She mumbled and whispered quietly in her sleep,
“You are the one asleep, and I am who’s awake.
Go complain to the driver, I’m in too deep.”

A hundred I tried, to get them to answer,
A hundred times I heard the very same words spoken.
I set off walking, then runnin’, towards the driver,
Hours and hours on, there was no sign of the engine.

I found myself riding The Two Stop Express.
Where the two stops are one,
and the start is the end.
Found myself riding The Two Stop Express.
A surprise at every turn,
and it’s always turnin’ a bend.

I had stopped to catch my breath, when I heard him ask,
“Did I sell-out for a price? Did I exorcize my demons? ”
The sleep-walker cried on my shoulders as I said,
“Whatever it be, I am sure you had your reasons.”

The sleep-walker smiled, he patted my head, and said,
“That’s right. And I guess, you had yours too!”
I found myself right back, as if I never left my bed.
And sleep prepared me, for all that was to come through.

(Pic Courtesy: Flickr )

3 Thoughts on “The Two Stop Express

  1. Beautiful, and what I find really amazing is that I used an almost identical metaphor in my second recorded song.

  2. DUDE! That was FANTASTIC. I loved loved it. Very intense and I could visualize the whole thing! 🙂

  3. Gaana likha hai..u need someone to sing this dude 🙂 These lines worked for me- ‘and the start is the end.’ 🙂

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