While You Were Out

The Door sighed,
As behind them
It closed with a bang,
“I’m getting too old for all this!
No excuse.
I wish that these guys
Were more recluse.
Wish they stayed out or never left home at all.”

The doorbell chimed,
“That’s if only
They could get any more!
Any less active
Or ever more lonelier,
I believe I will
Transact Alzheimer’
And simply forget why I stick to this bloody wall!”

Cushions genuflect, reflect,
“Gone are the pampering
Days of the showroom,
Where they graced us with
The ‘Cushiest Cushions’ Award!
Now we’re but a seating,
For tons and tons of lard.
Day by day these guys continue to make us apall!”

The sofa cynically commented,
“You are ones to lament,
My friends!
You too sit on me,
Come to think.
My spine’s broken,
Or on the brink!
And one fateful day, all together we shall fall!”

“Woe is me”, cried the TV.
“No one even looks
At me anymore.
I’m telling you,
It’s a complete tragedy;
Blasted PCs, Internet
And the godforsaken HD.
For once the Kings-o’tainment, I feel kinda small!”

The table creaked,
“Guys I’m busted,
In ages, haven’t been dusted.
My shelves are beyond
Their shelf-lives;
Pesky termites carve me
With their teeny-weeny knives.
Sigh! I used to be a mighty Oak, sturdy and tall!”

The curtains rustle,hustle,
“Any more dust on me,
I’ll collapse.
I intend go down fighting,
I’ll … A Aa…Aaaachoooo!
Atcheeeyw  and Aaaatishcheu!”
Sniggers all, “Bless You”
“Punks! As I fall, swear I’ll down the roof on y’all!”

The potted plants voice,
“We are victims
Of biological warfare.
Darwin’s spinning  down under,
Conditions so traumatic,
We go without water for weeks,
Then suddenly one day … aquatic!
We plan to mutate, and these ‘in’humans we shall maul!

A muffled voice laughed,
“Hello there,
I am the forgotten tennis ball,
You can’t see me ’cause
Behind the shelves I’m stuck,
Shadowed by the plants & curtains;
Just my luck!
But I shan’t curse my fate, I won’t ever bawl!

The tennis ball continued,
“Good times, ‘ve had some,
Had my share of fun.
Now I’m waiting for me to be found,
Enduring this trial.
Just to see my old friend again;
It all seems worthwhile.
I’m rather excited, as time does slowly crawl.

6 Thoughts on “While You Were Out!

  1. Very well written, Harisio! Can add the PS2, the router & the computer too 😛

  2. V well written as Medems says! 🙂

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  4. Hi,

    Congratulations! Your post has been selected by BlogAdda as one of the top posts for this week’s ‘Spicy Saturday Picks’.

  5. What is going on in that head of yours! 🙂 A genius also lies hidden and makes random appearances 😀

  6. Awesome man! Each ones POV could be a stand alone poem in itself.

    It has a lovely rhythm and a feel of clerihews working for it. Swell job!

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